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Lady Limentina
The 100% authentic dominatrix Lady Limentina is truly one of a kind. For years, Lady Limentina has set new standards in the Viennese dominatrix scene, exciting slaves with her creativity and ingenuity.
Do you dream of being a slave and serving a wonderful young mistress? Now’s the chance to let your dreams come true! I’ll have you playfully wrapped around my little finger, fulfilling your every fantasy in my

dominatrix dungeon in Vienna

. Before you know it, I’ll be taking you to your limits and beyond.
I’m originally from Germany, but work my SM magic as a

dominatrix in my BDSM dungeon in Vienna

and right across Austria.

You could be a beginner or an experienced BDSM-lover – my repertoire ranges from gentle to merciless. One thing’s for certain: I’ll make you my slave because I love it when you’re lying there down at my feet.

I’ll be happy to invite you to visit my strict SM dominatrix dungeon where no one will hear you scream! I can also do outcalls to private houses and hotels for BDSM sessions!

So, I order you to follow your inner calling and surrender yourself to my service at my SM dominatrix dungeon in Vienna!
Lady LimentinaLady Limentina
0660 / 744 14 21


Experience BDSM with me in all its different guises from pet play to cross-dressing and even as far as dominatrix scat play and torture. Enjoy something completely different, reach new heights, get to know your limits, and find a whole new meaning to passion and sexual dynamics. With me, you’ll experience your innermost fantasies with every sense of your being.

Do you like scat / hardsports? I’d love to use you as my personal human toilet! What’s more, you aren’t allowed to let any of my delicious produce go to waste or I’ll have to force you and I’ll really enjoy that ;)

No matter how unusual your BDSM fantasies may be, they’re all important to me. I’ll be pleased to make your deepest desires come true. So whether you have classic or more elaborate fantasies, just ask!

It’s very rare to meet such a young yet professional dominatrix in Vienna. She clearly loves every minute of all the things she does to you!

Lady Limentina is the absolute epitome of sadism. See how her eyes sparkle with joy as she works with her slaves and their screams are like music to her ears.

Especially noteworthy is her professionalism, which Mistress Lady Limentina uses to guide even absolute beginners through the more complex of sessions.


a Chinese proverb


Experience the specially-equipped White SM area of my BDSM dominatrix dungeon in Vienna with a myriad of clinical utensils, equipment, anal toys, etc.. I’ll be waiting for you dressed in a full doctor’s uniform!

  • Medical Fetish Examination
  • Enemas
  • Single-Use Cathethers
  • Long-Term Cathethers
  • Prostate Massage
  • Electro Stimulation
  • Urethral Sounding
  • Needle Play
  • Adult Baby
  • Forced Ejaculation
  • Edging
  • Anal Dilation
  • Fisting


Thanks to my especially appealing torture area that spans over 180m2 and has more than 6 different sections, I can handle even the most unusual of requests. My various BDSM equipment and special instruments of torture are there for us to use and I guarantee an unforgettable SM experience in my dominatrix dungeon in Vienna.

  • Caning Punishment
  • CBT
  • Restraint
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Wax Play
  • Nipple Torture
  • Figging
  • Foot Fetish
  • Shoe Fetish
  • Stockings Fetish
  • Humiliation
  • Face Slapping
  • Golden Shower
  • Scat
  • Petplay
  • Public Humiliation
  • Smoking Fetish
  • Strap-on
  • Fisting
  • Facesitting
  • Breath Control
  • Chastity
  • Edging
  • Interrogation
BDSM & Fetish Dungeon in Vienna
Besuche mich in meiner riesigen SM-Kammer in Wien!Besuche mich in meiner riesigen SM-Kammer in Wien!
Visit me in my professionally-equipped dominatrix dungeon in Vienna with over 180m2 of space to enjoy. With 8 different BDSM areas in my dungeon and everything from soft to hard play on offer, you’ll find all that your little slave heart desires!
Gerne begleite ich Dich auf Veranstaltungen, SM-Abende, in den Urlaub, Szenetreffs, in den einschlägige SM-Lokale, etc.Gerne begleite ich Dich auf Veranstaltungen, SM-Abende, in den Urlaub, Szenetreffs, in den einschlägige SM-Lokale, etc.
Are you going to have fun at a party, looking for a dominatrix escort to accompany you to a slave meet, wanting to experience an extraordinary fetish dinner or interested in the thrill of an outdoor session? Well, that’s wonderful! All you need to do is get in touch with me!
Home and hotel visits for BDSM
Gerne besuche ich Dich bei Dir zu Hause oder auch in Deinem Hotelzimmer! Dank meiner mobilen SM-Ausrüstung werden wir viel Spaß miteinander haben!Gerne besuche ich Dich bei Dir zu Hause oder auch in Deinem Hotelzimmer! Dank meiner mobilen SM-Ausrüstung werden wir viel Spaß miteinander haben!
Since most of my special SM equipment is mobile, I’m able to take it with me to host amazing dominatrix sessions right across Austria. I can also visit you at your home or hotel! Or course, discretion is guaranteed!
Let’s stay in touch!

  • Yes, you can visit me at my SM dungeon in Vienna, or as I call it, in my strict BDSM dungeon!

    The SM dungeon is separated into four conceptually different areas and offers lots of variety for all types of play from softcore for beginners right up to hardcore for professionals.
  • Because sado-masochism is an integral part of my personality, I’m generally very open to different kinds of BDSM.

    My few personal taboos are limited to the following:

    • Full sex
    • Vomit
    • Any behaviour that will cause long-term harm
  • Yes, of course!

    I believe it’s important that we both enjoy our time together in my dominatrix dungeon in Vienna and, in order to experience a great BDSM session, everyone needs to clearly communicate their wishes and expectations.

    Therefore, we’ll have a discussion right before our session in a nice relaxed atmosphere.

    If you live outside of Vienna and want to clarify any queries before you visit me (or before I visit you), I’m happy to have a longer chat on the ‘phone with you prior to your BDSM session.
  • Yes!

    Although my SM dungeon is in Vienna, I’ll be pleased to meet you anywhere in Austria, as long as we have a prior arrangement.

    My dominatrix escort service in and around Vienna (including Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria) is often available at short notice. This includes other areas of Austria as long as we set up our meeting in good time!
  • Yes, and I offer an outcall dominatrix escort service!

    I’ll be happy to visit you at home, in your hotel or at a pay-by-the-hour hotel.

    Also, we can go to other functions together such as fetish events, SM and BDSM evenings, clubs, and much more!
  • Very discrete!

    As a professional mistress / dominatrix, I know how important discretion is!

    I assure a discrete service in the following 3 ways:

    • House and hotel visits for BDSM
      For my outcall escort service (house and hotel visits), as long as we haven’t agreed otherwise, I’ll arrive in my normal everyday clothes.
    • Bumping into each other when out and about

      If we happen to bump into each other, for example, when you’re out for a walk with your family or if you’re with colleagues, I WON’T say hello!

      As a ground rule: If you don’t greet me, I won’t greet you.
    • The SM dungeon

      My torture chamber is unassuming from the outside. It DOESN’T have a red light and there’s NO signage!
    • Return calls

      If I miss your call, I’m happy to discretely ring you back.

      In this case, discrete means that I’ll call back and say something along the lines of “Hello, you called me?” without giving any further indication of what it’s about.
  • Normally, you can contact me from 10.00am to 10.00pm.

    If I’m unable to answer your call, I’ll discretely ring you back.

    When I say ‘discrete’, I mean that I’ll call back and say something along the lines of “Hello, you called me?” without giving any further indication of what it’s about.
  • Yes, my own health and the health of my guests is a priority!

    Due to my work as a professional Mistress / Dominatrix, I am registered as a sex worker as required by section 5 subsection 1 of the Viennese Prostitution Law (§5 Abs. 1 WPG 2011).

    In accordance with this, every 6 weeks, I go for a statutory health check, where an entry is issued in my medical check-up card which my guests are welcome to view.

    Please note that as a dominatrix, I don’t offer full sex, which clearly means better health and safety for both parties!
  • I’m happy to answer all your questions personally!

    It’s best to reach me by ‘phone at 0660 / 744 14 21 or by email at info@lady-limentina.at

    However, please note that I much prefer ‘phone calls and I only answer calls where the caller’s ID is displayed!

    If I’m not available, I’m happy to call you back DISCRETLY!
  • Because there are people out there who find it funny to make prank phone calls to dominatrixes, unfortunately, I don’t accept calls where the number is withheld.

    Also, I need your number because, when it comes to a meeting, it’s especially important for us to be able to quickly get in touch with one another. For example, if one of us is running late or if we can’t find each other at our meeting place.

    Don’t worry, your ‘phone number is safe with me. I’m VERY DISCRETE and will never contact you after our appointment.
  • As a professional dominatrix in Vienna and your future mistress, hygiene is naturally a high priority for me!

    Before and after every session, I disinfect all equipment, whips, restraints, ropes, crops, dildos, canes, etc.

    When carrying out various activities (for example, inserting toys), I always use a condom.

    If this is really important to you, you can always bring your own toys!

    For regulars, I have individual and exclusive toys, which I only use on them!
  • Yes, of course!

    As required by section 5 subsection 1 of the Viennese Prostitution Law 2011 (§5 Abs. 1 WPG 2011), I am registered as a sex worker with the Vienna State Police Headquarters and therefore possess a medical check-up card specified by section 2 of the Federal Law Gazette No. 198/2015 (§2 BGBI 198/2015).

    With each statutory health check every 6 weeks, an entry is issued in my medical check-up card which my guests are welcome to view.
Do you still have questions you’d like to ask me?
Then the best thing to do is contact me personally and we can discuss your queries in detail!

It’s best to reach me on the ‘phone from 10.00am to 10.00pm every day.


To make an appointment, or for any questions you may have, feel free to call:

✆ 0660 / 744 14 21

Do you have any questions?
Then just give me a call right now and we can have a chat about your queries!
☏ 0660 / 744 14 21